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LWTF News Archives: Fall 2006

Curlyleaf Pondweed, an Invasive Aquatic Plant, Identified in Lake Waramaug!

In mid-June our invasive plant specialist, Dr. George Knoecklein, identified this plant in locations on the State Park shoreline and on the east side of Arrow Point and Willow Point along North Shore Road. These locations were then entered into a digital Global Positioning System (GPS) device for future monitoring. Because these locations are far removed from the Washington boat ramp we are confident curlyleaf did not enter Waramaug through the boat ramp or slip past our boat inspection program.

Despite our best efforts to keep Waramaug free of invasive aquatic weeds we are faced with a serious problem. Since curlyleaf's unique life cycle gives it a competitive advantage over native plants, we must control and if possible, eradicate this plant from the lake as soon as possible. We are now focused on preparing and implementing a comprehensive attack early next spring when this plant is most vulnerable. We have been working with Aquatic Control Technology and have developed a preliminary plan of attack. Detailed information on these issues are contained in a Special Report and we have developed an indentification guide.

The bottom line is we know eradication of curlyleaf pondweed will take at least three years and will be costly. Our draft three-year budget is in a range of between $110,000 and $145,000. A final budget will not be possible until:

At the Lake Waramaug Association meeting on September 17, the Task Force executive director Tom McGowan and our invasive plant advisor Marc Bellaud of Aquatic Control Technology gave presentations detailing the challenges we are facing in our efforts to eradicate curlyleaf pondweed.

The Task Force will need to raise a substantial sum over its regular operating budget this coming year to finance the expense of eradicating curlyleaf pondweed from Lake Waramaug. Please consider this in your plans for your year end donation to the Task Force.

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