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"Saving Lake Waramaug" Traces Lake and LWTF History


The history of Lake Waramaug is a long and colorful one, and the LWTF has been in existence for a mere 38 years of that time. But the documentary video "Saving Lake Waramaug" demonstrates that these have been critical years for the lake, beginning with an alarming prognosis and continuing through a period of extraordinary dedication and hard work, scientific breakthrough, new challenges and constant vigilance.

The film uses some fascinating old photographs, documents, interviews, newspaper clippings and a brief outline of the complex science of limnology to create a narrative that is part history, part success story and part cautionary tale. Its production owes a huge debt to the many local citizens and organizations who share a love of the lake and who contributed their materials, recollections, talent, beautiful music and encouragement.

While the ending is still being written, we are left with a sense of optimism and appreciation as well as a clear message: the ecological health of Lake Waramaug cannot be taken for granted. We hope that "Saving Lake Waramaug" will help viewers understand the important work we do.

Click to watch "Saving Lake Waramaug" online. You can expand the viewing to full screen by clicking the little expansion icon between HD and Vimeo on the control bar (mouse over the screen to make this visible). Hit "Esc" on your computer to return to the web page.

To request a copy on DVD, send an email to SLW@lwtf.org with your name and mailing address.

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