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LWTF News Archives: Winter 2007/08

Annual Monitoring Report for 2007

Following is an executive summary of the 2007 Lake Waramaug Monitoring Report from Robert W. Kortmann of Ecosystems Consulting Service, Inc. issued on February 5, 2008:

2007 Observations

2008 Forecast

Several observations lead to a relatively optimistic forecast for Lake Waramaug in 2008. The lower than normal increase in nutrients and phytoplankton during the fall of 2007 may carry over to the spring of 2008. Winter 2007-08 has exhibited more typical weather patterns, ice cover, snowpack etc. Although limited by available light during the winter, diatom productivity may reduce nutrient availability as the lake develops stratification. The observed large-bodied cladocera population (which has not been seen since 2004) may also suggest a population increase and increase in grazing rate.

Although a prediction of lake conditions during the summer of 2008 is difficult, all indications are positive for continued lake quality improvement.

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