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Above: Lake Waramaug appears in pale aqua; the darker blue area indicates its watershed area. See a more detailed map. Or see the Google satellite map.

The Lake Waramaug Watershed

The Lake Waramaug watershed (i.e., the geographic area from which water eventually drains into the lake) consists of about 9,200 acres in the towns of Warren (82% of the acreage), Washington (16%) and Kent (2%).

The watershed area is of vital significance to the quality of the lake's water. Housing development, the use of fertilizers by farms and in homes, commercial waste, the purchase and planting of invasive aquatic species and other activities can be seriously detrimental to the lake, even miles away from the shoreline. Consequently, Lake Waramaug Task Force initiatives have never stopped at the water's edge. They have always focused on the entire area.

...Task Force initiatives have
never stopped at
the water's edge.
These initiatives include:
1)  education about the use of phosphorus in household products and the consequences of farm waste run-off,
2)  advisories concerning invasive plants and
3)  the encouragement of voluntary and zoning restrictions on the percentage of impervious surface (i.e., driveways, walkways, etc. in addition to roof areas) of developed properties.

The Task Force has also been active in encouraging the preservation of land through gifts and conservation easements.

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